Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 13

A durable, heavy-duty stability running shoe for maximum support. Great for runners with injury or joint concerns who don’t want to sacrifice their active lifestyle. Designed for comfortable, low-impact running on any terrain. 

Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13 Top Features

  1. Lightweight, breathable mesh material for any weather conditions. Makes them breathable and flexible to run in.
  2. Thick, tough rubber sole for all kinds of terrain. Built to last.
  3. Double-fan wave design – Mizuno’s signature shoe design, meant to mimic the energy of a wave, absorbing the impact of each step and spreading it evenly across the foot. The double-fan wave is supportive without being too stiff and clunky.
  4. U4icX heel wedge – a cushioned lift on the heel makes for a cushioned, springy landing and reduces the impact of the step.
  5. Midsole unit for stable, smooth ride.
  6. A soft collar for a snug, comfortable fit.

First Impression

The inspire 13 was named the best flat feet running shoes according to ShoeGuide.org, so I couldn’t wait to test them out as I was aware that they are usually a lesser-known but great quality running shoe. I purchased mine after a knee injury, looking for a more stable and comfortable pair of running shoes so that I could get back out there without the risk. The Inspire 13 is a tougher, heavier shoe, and so it took me a little longer to break them in and truly get comfortable in them than other shoes have. After about fifty miles, though, I was feeling great and more supported than ever.

Even though they are a little heavier, the Inspire 13s are surprisingly breathable and flexible. The sock liner is a light, pliable mesh that makes it easy to slip the shoes on and off. The thick heel takes some getting used to, but makes the ride incredibly smooth and gives me full control, whatever kind of terrain I am running on. I have used these shoes on hard pavement, turf, treadmills and gravelly trails and always felt totally secure.

If there is any downside, it is in the weight, and the appearance. These are heavy shoes, which, for a lot of people, can be a drawback – especially if you do a lot of road running. I have gotten used to the weight after breaking them in, but they are significantly heavier than other shoes I have worn. Appearance-wise, they are just lacking a modern look. The design is reminiscent of older models. They are not necessarily the flashiest shoes, but they are extremely effective at giving you a stable, supportive run.


  • Breathable and easy to wear
  • Thick heel and midsole provide support, control and balance
  • Wave design absorbs shock, reduces impact
  • Built to last – high quality and usable in any conditions
  • Comfortable fit, easy to adjust and tighten
  • Good on any surface


  • Older, less modern look
  • Heavy
  • Can be narrow in the toe
  • Tough to break in

The Final Verdict

If you are young, trendy and in perfect running condition, this might not be the shoe for you. The Inspire 13 is designed for long-term comfort and durability, maximum stability and support for a low-impact run. These are great shoes for someone who has had a past running injury or simply wants to protect themselves against one in the future. They are bulky and less than attractive, but they get the job done.

If you have wider feet, bear in mind that there have been some issues with the toe room in the Inspire 13. Mizuno tends to make narrow shoes, which has been a problem for some people in the past. However, the Inspire 13 can be ordered in a wider model. Consider the sizing before you order.

I would not recommend the Inspire 13 to someone who runs only casually or short distances. They are too heavy for light jogging and can take a long time to get comfortable in. These shoes are more of a long-term investment. If you buy them, be prepared to take some time breaking them in and adjusting to the weight and thick heel. Once you do, though, you will be happy with your choice! The Inspire 13 is a top-notch stability shoe. They will last forever and protect you from hurting yourself when you run, saving you a lot of pain in the long term.

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