Leupold LP113874 VX-1 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope Review

Leupold LP113874 VX-1

The Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm model is a rifle scope meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled precision and endless reliable performance in the future.

Leupold LP113874 VX-1 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope


Comfortable Eyebox

A charitable eyebox guarantees that the individual utilizing the scope is practicing proper and appropriate head position, with a sight line that is fully represented without distortion in the eyepiece.

Lockable Eyepiece

The standard and classic eyepiece makes achieving reticle focus a simple endeavor and one that is effortless to maintain. The lock ring is small and not intrusive while operating.

Multi-Coat 4 Lens System

With the visual field being integral to a shooter’s success, the multi-coat 4 lens system provided by Leupold emphasizes spectacular clarity and contrast. Additionally, low-light conditions are rendered a non-issue with a sight that is bright regardless of the environment.

Finger Click 1/4 MOA

Elevation and windage are smoothly accounted for by 1/4 MOA finger click adjustment devised to withstand excessive use.

3:1 Zoom Ratio

Scope puts its best foot forward with an erector system fully capable of handling a plethora of situations. It is a unit that is far more adaptable to sudden shifts in temperature or environment.

Tactile Power Indicator

Notifies the person wielding the scope of magnification with a simple touch.

First Impressions:


At first, I still had doubts when I purchased this scope. There was an article on another review site who offered a couple of good option and I was afraid that I might have made the wrong choice. However, As soon as I unpacked the scope, I knew I hit the jackpot. To the touch, the Leupold VX-1 Rifle Scope is a modern marvel of design and quality. Having been manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, the materials that comprise its inner-workings and exterior are on par with those used for aircraft. Its sealing process incorporating nitrogen and purging oxygen is the industry standard, and showcases itself promptly when encountering water or liquids. This nitrogen extends the life of the scope far beyond ill-conceived competitors. It is obvious when seeing the scope in action that it has been carefully submersion tested and is not the slightest bit adversely affected by fog.

Handling the VX-1 rifle scope, it becomes apparent that the quantum optical system is innovative and takes a backseat to no other comparable devices. The light transmission is boosted astronomically by the multi-coat 4 lens system, ensuring that a sight picture is luminous and clarity and overall sharpness is never negatively manipulated.

The aesthetic of the rifle scope is one that is traditional but bold. It is simple, sleek and not bogged down with unneeded bells and whistles. In fact, it has such a no-nonsense appearance that it is blatantly clear that the only thing the model is concerned with is perfect performance. An included lens cover is bikini-style and provides affirmation that the delicate but durable lens will have ample protection in field. The color has a smooth and polished feel with limited shine. It looks just as strong as it performs, displaying a clean, uncomplicated color scheme.

While obviously beginners seldom are in need of elite scopes, the VX-1 has a relatively small learning curve given the time and attention to detail that has been poured into its creation. Not only is it a labor of love to all those involved in its inception, it is ideal for those passionate about shooting.

One of the things that distinguish this scope from similar versions is that it eliminates common problems that other scopes are typically plagued with. Variables like inconsistent lighting, an awkward eyebox, and being susceptible to moisture are all non-issues with this model. It is also assembled so that head position latitude is correct and not taxing on the neck.

Achieving deadly accurate shots while test firing, it is beyond evident that the degree of craftsmanship that has taken place on the scope in the United States has been the focal point of Leupold, and something they had no intention on compromising.


  • Leupold offers a gold ring lifetime guarantee promising consumers that repair or replacement of the scope is done for free, regardless of whether or not you were the original buyer of the device
  • Optimal lens system for dim or less ideal lighting
  • Straight forward design minimizes human error to near zero and caters to quick use of its highlighted components
  • Convenient eyebox that eliminates obstructions and distractions. Edge-to-edge illumination asserts visibility is never at fault
  • Built in America from the nation’s best parts and a keen understanding of scopes and their purpose
  • Lightweight one inch maintube that is adept at fitting more legacy rings
  • Easy to store, carry, transport, and mount


  • Can be overkill for those who are merely in need of a bare bones type scope
  • Though strong and resistant to damage, it is not impervious to excessive force. Leupold’s guarantee of repair is reassuring, but can take time to get your scope back

Final Verdict

Leupold self proclaims they are America’s authority on optics, and using the VX-1 scope repeatedly fully demonstrates why they are so confident in this bold statement. As any successful scope should, it highlights the shooter’s abilities and allows them to come to fruition naturally with an error-free design that is easy to use and maintain. Even in difficult elements, the Leupold stands out because its resolve and precision is never in question. Furthermore, since the integrity of the device is nearly impenetrable, it can be used for years without worry of wear or a drop in quality.

One would be remiss to mention that the VX-1 is not a band-aid to your scope needs, and should instead be viewed as a practical investment, particularly if you plan on using it with some degree of regularity. Not only do its results in the field speak for themselves, the maintenance is an afterthought in the best way possible. Because it requires minimal tending to, it is a logical choice for potential buyers that covet a working and efficient model that will never become obsolete. Moreover, the fact that it is accompanied by the prestigious Leupold brand is enough to make anyone rest easy. Simply put, it is a scope that blends affordability and accuracy to give whomever uses its features the best chance to have their skills flourish in every environment.

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