Passion, Fashion, Writing: A Chat With Derek O’Neil

Sitting face to face with Derek O’Neil, it is not hard to picture him being a fashion contributor to the fast growing website Grooming Adepts. He has his hair styled precisely the way he intended, and a leather watch wrapped around his wrist. “I just love it; fashion is my life.” He tells me.

He hasn’t been with Grooming Adepts long, but he has definitely made an impact. When asked about why he does it, O’Neil said, ” I like to write, and I like giving fashion tips to men, so combining them just felt natural.” Writing about everything from styling gel to wallets, it’s easy to see he is qualified. He has been able to provide Grooming Adepts with insight that wasn’t there before him. “I think I bring a lot to the table in terms of fashion and styling tips.”

Grooming Adepts is a unique website, providing tips, tricks, and recommendations to men, especially when it comes to hair. They’re growing in popularity, and Derek is excited to be a part of that. “I have seen this website grow, and I feel like I have grown with it. I’m really excited to see what else we can do.” When asked what else there is, he said: “I don’t know, I just love being able to improve on myself and everything that I am doing.”

Throughout my time with Derek, it was clear his one of a kind personality set him apart from others I have interviewed. His positive attitude and charming demeanor make it easy to take advice from him. “If there is one thing I want to show men, it is how much of an impact fashion has on their lives.”

“How so?” I implored, curious myself.

“Well, if you walk into an interview in jeans and a t shirt, it probably won’t go too well. But if you go in wearing a professional outfit, you are much more likely to get the job.” He stopped for a second, deep in thought, carefully choosing his words. “That’s such an obvious example, but fashion extends to more parts of life as well. We’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help it sometimes. Your fashion sense and how you present yourself says a lot about you and the type of person you are. What you wear and how you groom yourself can play a big role in first impressions, and even second ones.” I had to agree; his argument was solid. “I just wish more people could see that, that is my goal with Grooming Adepts.”

As we shook hands and said goodbye, I could tell he had a vast amount of knowledge behind his eyes, so I asked: “What is one piece of advice you would give to men worldwide?”

His answer was one that sat with me, he said, “it sounds shallow, but care about how you look. Do not become obsessed with it, but give a damn.”