Free Music Distribution Site: What to expect

Free Music Distribution Site: What to expect

Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could make music like the stuff you hear on the radio? The catchy beats and bumping bass that you can’t help but dance to aren’t as hard to make as you might think. If you already have a basic home studio setup, you will only need a couple more things to get started.

First, you will need some software. Some good music editing softwares include WavePad, GarageBand, or Logic Pro X if you are using a Mac. If you are using a PC, some good choices are Adobe Audition and Cubase.

Once you have chosen and installed your software, you can start making beats. You don’t have to know the intricate ins and outs of the music theory to make a good beat. Experience is the most important skill you can have, so practice and play around with your new software. Start simple and add and build on it. Playing around will help you get a better feel for your software and will help you figure out what sounds go well together. For example, will wind instruments sound okay when played with string instruments.

On top of your regular aoftware, you can also purchase and use a MIDI keyboard to help you make beats. A MIDI keyboard is a better option than standard keyboards with built in sound effects and it will sound better when mixing music.

When it comes to MIDI keyboards, there are a few things you need to know. First, they come in several sizes, ranging from 20″ with 25 keys to over 50″ and 88 keys. You will also need to know the different parts, like the sliders, buttons, and knobs. These allow you to have direct control over the music in real time. So instead of having to go back and do a bunch of editing after the fact, you can record the music the way you want it the first time around. As you can imagine, this can save a lot of time and make the process more enjoyable since you can play around with them a lot. MIDI keyboards can be quite technical and it might be a while before you know every aspect of yours and completely master it, and that’s totally fine.

Once you have your studio and equipment setup, the options are pretty much endless. I know multiple times I have found myself couped up inside my studio mixing beats for hours on end. It is just so easy to get lost and lose track of time. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with the software and the better you will get.

If you ever need help figuring out your software or keyboard, video tutorials can be a very useful tool. It can be helpful to have two monitors so you can watch the tutorial on one screen and follow along on your other screen. However, if you don’t already have a second monitor, there is no need to invest in one, you can just watch the tutorial on your smartphone. There are tons and tons of videos on YouTube about mixing music and sometimes videos just sink in better and are more helpful than articles.

Once you make some fire beats, you have got to have a way for people to hear them. Instead of going the usual route, you can bypass some steps and use the free online music distribution site One Way Distro. This is the quickest way to get your music out there and it’s totally free.