Top 5 Games on

Top 5 Games on

Are you tired of trying to find a proxy that works at your work or school? If so, you may be wondering what websites work without a proxy and what are the best games you can play currently. You may want to find the best of the best upfront, so you can play them before your system’s administrator gets to blocking (if ever – as they don’t soak up a ton of bandwidth and won’t be questionable). Below, you’ll find our favorite 5 games from

AWP Simulator

Most of us that are into first person shooter games have played Counterstrike: Global Offensive a time or two. If this is the case, you know that games like this are very much banned in schools and the workplace. If you want something that isn’t about the objective of blowing someone or a place up, then you should try out the AWP simulator – who knows, it may actually sharpen your schools for when you get home and jump into some competitive! Play this simulator enough at work and you may be on the road to Global Elite.

1v1v1 Reloaded

Do you have two other friends standing around with you at work or at school? If so, check out this 1v1v1 game where three of you share a computer. Upon looking at the instructions, you’ll see that each person uses different keys to aim, move, and shoot. Even though you’ll be using the same keyboard, you have to work against one another to be the last one standing and kill your friends. Can you take on the task and defeat your colleagues?

Hill Valley Rally

Maybe you’re not into the shooter style of game and would like to indulge in a nice racing game. Check out the game Hill Valley Rally. Using a similar car from Back to the Future, you’ll be able to hit the 88 MPH mark and dive through time as if you are the Doc and Michael J. Fox himself. Hit too many walls and you’ll crash. If you somehow make it to 88mph without crashing into anything, you’ll be able to zoom through multiple time zones and conquer being back to the future.

Super Mario

You won’t need to download an emulator onto your work or school computer when you have a Super Mario flash game to hold you over until you get home and or get on the bus to use your Switch. It’s the basic Mario concept: you get three lives and have to hit the question boxes to gain items and make your way through the levels. The graphics are pretty accurate and there’s aren’t any “knock off” names or drawings.

100 Dollars Unicorns

If you want to play a game that’s unique and definitely not like the above, check out the pixel dream – 100 Dollars Unicorns, a game where you throw, teleport, catch unicorns, make them land perfectly, and get paid. While the premise isn’t exactly common, especially for a quick flash game, it’s definitely addicting and keeps you going.

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re a fan of first person shooters, racers, or weird pixelated indie games that are oddly addicting, you’ll be able to play something at school or work and keep your mind off of being bored all the time. We don’t suggest that you play when you should be doing something else, but if you’re finished with projects and need to kill an hour or so, you’ll want to dive into the hundreds of games on; a fabulous game full of no-proxy-needed flash games that take up little bandwidth.