How I was able to deal with my stress

How I was able to deal with my stress

Everyone is stressed these days for a ton of reasons. I don’t think that there’s a single person in this world who is stress-free. We are stressed due to our hectic everyday schedules, our responsibilities, finances, health issues, all kinds of personal problems and more. Chronic stress is one of the most common health conditions in the whole world. I wish people would leave their misconceptions behind and try out alternative treatments to the good ol’ stress-relieve medication.

My Story

I found out about the Ottawa Massage Therapy while I was desperately searching online for a solution to my chronic stress condition. I am a financial executive for a massive company, and as you can imagine, I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. But I also have a lot of stressful events to deal with, and this managed to take a toll on my health. After finding out about Kinetic Edge clinic, I researched everything I possibly could about the Rolf Method targeted at curing chronic stress, and I was impressed. I decided that I have to give this a try so I picked up the phone and I made an appointment to visit the clinic.

The First Appointment

Richard Stannard was my doctor, and I will always be thankful for the day I met him. During my first appointment, I discussed all of my problems with him just to make him understand what exactly is wrong with me and I was all excited when he told me that de guarantees that I’ll feel better soon. He is specialized in Rolf Method, and he is also a Registered Massage Therapist.

He explained to me that Rolf Method of Structural Integration mostly focuses on correcting the myofascial layers in the body and it can affect your posture and the spinal curvature as well. It also creates a more efficient muscle system, and it can restore the regular patterns of movement. All these are the main effects of the Rolf Method along with stress reduction and enhancing the neurological functioning. This is a bit different from the Massage Therapy, and I learned this during the first appointment.

The Rolf Method managed to improve my body posture, and I also learned that it focused more on the connective structures. In other words, after my first session, I felt an overall ease of my body, and this was because the connective tissue became more organized. My feelings of stress decreased from the first session of Rolf Method with Dr. Richard Stannard.

My Overall Experience

After visiting the Kinetic Edge clinic for about a month now, I can say that without a doubt that my overall health feels restored and I know that this is thanks to the fact that I’m not as stressed as I used to be. As you probably know, stress is the primary trigger of all kinds of physical problems, and this is why it’s crucial to try and remain stress-free as much as possible. Dr. Stannard told me that based on this connection between the mind and the body lots of counselors and therapists incorporate the Rolfing technique in their therapeutic approach and the first thing that popped in my mind was to suggest this to one of my friends who is a counselor.

After taking advantage of Kinetic Edge’s services for stress relief for almost a year now, I recommend that anyone who wants to improve their overall quality of life to give their solutions a try. They also perform chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, massage, physiotherapy and more alternative treatments for all kinds of physical and emotional issues.

What to Expect When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Company

What to Expect When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Company

You probably got here by searching terms related to basement waterproofing, and now you’re wondering exactly what that entails. Whether you’re a brand new homeowner taking precautions, or you’re someone that unfortunately suffers from a leak or condensation, you’ll want to know exactly what happens and what it costs. All the best Toronto basement waterproofing contractor should know and use these steps:

The Investigation Process

One of the first things that’ll occur if you call a basement waterproofing company is that an investigation of your basement will occur to see what type of water damage is happening (if any at all). Typically, water damage for waterproofing comes in two main forms: condensation and leakage. When there’s condensation, it means that there isn’t a leak, but a ton of moisture that occurs because of the climate – whether outdoors or indoors.

The basement waterproofing company that you hire will pinpoint the location of the problem, and go from there to figure out what’s causing the leak or condensation. For example, you may have a leak somewhere you didn’t know of because there weren’t any apparent stains. For condensation, you may have your laundry appliances hooked up in a way that causes the climate to hold more moisture in the air. When the root of the issue is targeted, removal and resolution occurs.

Ultimately, the price of the fix depends entirely on what kind of issue there is. Generally, leaks are much more expensive while condensation is more of a climate control issue. You’ll also want to test for any mold spores in the air, and you can usually tell this by the distinct musty smell in the air. Your contractor will probably pick up on this immediately.

The Bidding Wars

Before going with the first choice, you’ll want to shop around for the best priced contractor. You may think that spending a lot automatically means they’re going to be great, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some companies are reasonably priced (in the middle) and will give you better quality service than someone who is much higher priced. Thanks to a survey on Angie’s List, it’s been noted that the average homeowner spends around $7,215 on waterproofing their basement; however, you may see that companies will try and charge you $20,000+ depending on the issue.

In order to combat someone scamming you or ripping you off, you should garner multiple estimates, as well as what they can provide for that price. When you’ve narrowed down the ones in your budget who give the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to research unbiased reviews online to match the best reviews and narrow down to the best basement waterproofing company for your needs.

The Various Waterproofing Solutions

Now let’s get to the meat of this meal: the various types of waterproofing solutions for your basement. Each job will vary greatly, as your price and problem will vary wildly based on your home structure, the issue at hand, and how bad it is. Here’s a quick list of the various solutions you may be met with:

  • Waterproofing primer and painting products
  • Crack injections for seepage around concrete foundations – a temporary fix
  • Exterior excavation for correcting drainage
  • Interior excavation for addressing hydrostatic pressure – much cheaper than exterior


Overall, the waterproofing process that will occur in your home depends on how large the problem is (how long you went without correcting or addressing), your budget, and the basement waterproofing company you decide to go with. It’s important not to always go with the cheapest just because it’s nice on the budget, as you may not be presented with long-term solutions.

Passion, Fashion, Writing: A Chat With Derek O’Neil

Sitting face to face with Derek O’Neil, it is not hard to picture him being a fashion contributor to the fast growing website Grooming Adepts. He has his hair styled precisely the way he intended, and a leather watch wrapped around his wrist. “I just love it; fashion is my life.” He tells me.

He hasn’t been with Grooming Adepts long, but he has definitely made an impact. When asked about why he does it, O’Neil said, ” I like to write, and I like giving fashion tips to men, so combining them just felt natural.” Writing about everything from styling gel to wallets, it’s easy to see he is qualified. He has been able to provide Grooming Adepts with insight that wasn’t there before him. “I think I bring a lot to the table in terms of fashion and styling tips.”

Grooming Adepts is a unique website, providing tips, tricks, and recommendations to men, especially when it comes to hair. They’re growing in popularity, and Derek is excited to be a part of that. “I have seen this website grow, and I feel like I have grown with it. I’m really excited to see what else we can do.” When asked what else there is, he said: “I don’t know, I just love being able to improve on myself and everything that I am doing.”

Throughout my time with Derek, it was clear his one of a kind personality set him apart from others I have interviewed. His positive attitude and charming demeanor make it easy to take advice from him. “If there is one thing I want to show men, it is how much of an impact fashion has on their lives.”

“How so?” I implored, curious myself.

“Well, if you walk into an interview in jeans and a t shirt, it probably won’t go too well. But if you go in wearing a professional outfit, you are much more likely to get the job.” He stopped for a second, deep in thought, carefully choosing his words. “That’s such an obvious example, but fashion extends to more parts of life as well. We’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help it sometimes. Your fashion sense and how you present yourself says a lot about you and the type of person you are. What you wear and how you groom yourself can play a big role in first impressions, and even second ones.” I had to agree; his argument was solid. “I just wish more people could see that, that is my goal with Grooming Adepts.”

As we shook hands and said goodbye, I could tell he had a vast amount of knowledge behind his eyes, so I asked: “What is one piece of advice you would give to men worldwide?”

His answer was one that sat with me, he said, “it sounds shallow, but care about how you look. Do not become obsessed with it, but give a damn.”

5 Video Gaming Headsets that Will Blow Your Mind

There are plenty of headsets floating around warehouses all over the world. So the question is not “what headset should I get”, but “what headset should I not get.” There is no perfect fit, as everyone’s ears are differently shaped. There’s no perfect price, as quality comes with price. There’s no perfect anything, really. So, I have attempted to read the reviews of multiple websites and narrow the field down to 5, which was no easy task. There are simply too many out there, and since I do not have the funds to personally try all of them myself, I can only go off of the reviews of others.

video headset

However, in order to save you the time of researching for yourself, here are my picks for what are most likely the best headsets for the lowest price. Please do not send me nasty emails if you followed my advice and ended up disappointed; you will hurt my feelings. I am not the headset God, I am only a human being who can only read so many reviews before my brain hurts!

OK, now that my disclaimer is over, here are my choices, from all ends of the price range spectrum:

  1. Platronics Xbox 360 Headset: $9.99 on
    While this headset is only compatible, for Xbox 360, it is a suitable replacement for the standard Microsoft headset when it fails, costing less and, according to the reviews, being much more reliable. The only con that people seemed to mention repeatably was that the volume didn’t quite go up to what they wanted. However, if you care about your future hearing, this may not necessarily be bad.
  2. Koss SB49 Communication Stereophone: $44.99 on
    Relatively inexpensive, has a microphone, and has a pretty good amount of people saying it’s comfortable.
  3. Razer Carcharias PC Headset: A little bit more expensive, at $64 on
    This one has been said to be VERY comfortable, with good sound quality. The Mic is not adjustable, however, which, if you have a mouth somewhere on your forehead, might be a problem.
  4. Tritton AX 720:$139.99 on
    Yes, more expensive, but this is compatible with pretty much everything but the Wii. It has surround sound, but require a Digital Optical connection. There is a Dolby converter box, I believe (judging by pictures), but this would not be very portable if you have a laptop. Then again, why are you gaming on a laptop…
  5. And if you want to spend the big bucks…
    Plantronics Discovery 925 Jewel: Bluetooth-headset for $80,000! Not exactly for gaming (it’s actually for cell phones) but I had to add it anyways.

Phew! OK, good luck!